About us

Komitex Group is the largest manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic materials in Russia. Starting in 1979, when the first production was founded, the group expanded its presence all over Russia and abroad. Today the Group manages and operates 5 production plants in Russia with over 1200 professionals. Komitex GEO was established in 2015 as production&sales company to boost distribution of its products on Russian and international markets.

Komitex GEO can offer our customers a unique 1-step solution: 

  • Our product range includes all groups of high-quality geosynthetics, which means that our customers can receive the required goods “all-in-package” from One supplier.
  • Our products receive a very positive feedback from our partners in Poland, Czech Republic and CIS.
  • Our products are CE-certified.


  • Number of WAREHOUSES
  • Commodity STOCK
  • Range of GOODS

Key success factors


  • We possess expertise and competence in the industry
  • We have been working in the industry since 2011
  • We have specific professional development programs (courses, training, master classes, business cases)
  • We have experience working in big corporations since 2006
  • We are professionals in establishing and developing of dealer networks


  • 30 employees in sales, and more than 1000 in production
  • All of us have higher education and industry background of 3 years+.
  • Average age of management is  35 years.


During last 3 years we have launched  3 new production facilities and 5 more types of geosynthetics. We acquired 4 competitor companies, and moved the equipment to our already existing plants.


  • 13 warehousing and distribution  centers in 10 regions 
  • 5 500 000 minimum commodity stock (m2)
  • 10 000 000 peak remaining balance during the season (m2)